Yacht Club

I am Admiral Lorenzo Bartholomew Hornblower - call me LBH - named after an ancestor from my mother’s side Lorenzo de' Medici, known as the Magnificent, ruler of Florence during the Renaissance. My pop Larry-Bob’s ancestors hail from the penal colonies in the South Seas. He was a deck hand on the Great Lakes.

I, on the other hand, moved up the ranks. I am now admiral of the Longboat Harbour Yacht Club. Unlike my pop, I am a man of many accomplishments. I once won a fistfight by only using my beard (now at the Smithsonian). Chuck Norris calls me Sensei. I can teach old dogs a variety of new tricks, and I am not afraid of spiders. But enough about me, let me talk about the Longboat Harbour Yacht Club.

I inaugurated the yacht club in 1971 for boat owners who live here.  Under my watchful eye, 27 commodores have done a yeoman’s job of keeping the harbor safe, assigning boat docks and kayak racks, collecting fees, keeping the docks in good shape, and watching over docked boats.
Lorenzo Bartholomew Hornblower

Commodore - Bill Coughlin
Vice Commodore - John Harkness
Dockmaster - Larry Batemen
Dockmaster - John Shea
Scribe - Jeff Hecklau
Purser - Margie Clarke

You must fill out and return with payment in order to rent a dock or a rack for a kayak or paddleboard.

Dock Rental Agreement

Rack Rental Agreement


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