Operating Committee
The Operating Committee (OC) is one of the committees under the direct supervision of the LbH Board of Directors. The chairperson is appointed by the president of the Board. The chairperson then assigns four members to the OC, two from the Board and two from volunteers from the association.

The OC is responsible for overseeing all operations including maintenance and housekeeping. It is responsible for getting bids and estimates for planned work and for establishing maintenance contracts. In addition, when items need to be purchased, the OC will make recommendations to the board of directors for a final decision.

The OC meetings are held twice per month on Tuesdays at 10:00 in the upstairs meeting room at the office. The first monthly meeting is held the week before the board meeting and the second is the week following the board meeting. The OC meetings are open to all owners.

For OC minutes and documents click here.

Position Name
Chairman Slade Cargill
Member Don Atkinson
Member John Shea
Member Margie Clarke
Member Rich Romansky

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