This document provides general guidelines for renting your unit.
Download Rules for renting your unit
The links below provide the required documents. Please download forms to your computer, type information on the form, print, sign and send to the office. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that this application along with $100 application fee & all required supporting documentation as described above is received by the association office no later than 15 days before the rental period begins. Failure to apply or submit required documentation within said period will be cause for denial under section 14.3 to 14.6 (leasing of units) of the Longboat Harbour declarations.
Download Renter Checklist.pdf
These forms are type-in-the-blank and can be printed or saved and attached to emails.
Download Renter Background Check.pdf
Download Renter Application.pdf
Download Renting A Unit Lessor Responsibility.pdf
Download Renter's Guide.pdf

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